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Name:The Tick
Birthdate:Nov 26
"I am the wild blue yonder. The front line in a never-ending battle between good and not-so-good. Together with my stalwart sidekick Arthur, and the magnanimous help of some other folks I know, we form the yin to villainy's malevolent yang. Destiny has chosen us. Wicked men — you face the Tick!"

The Tick is the Big Blue Bug of Justice. He’s superheroic, super strong an not all that smart. But he’s got heart, dedication and his own internal monologue that he sometimes shares with the world. He’s a little off kilter and doesn’t really exist in the same place as everyone else.

He started out as the sworn protector of a bus station. Then he moved on to The City and now, he has come to Milliways.

The Tick is big, blue and a little crazy. He is quite tall and well built, invulnerable and is strong enough to bend steel and can go toe to toe with evil Russian Robots out to kill Jimmy Carter. He wears a head to toe blue costume complete with antennae that are very expressive. You will never seem him out of uniform. He doesn’t exist out of uniform. His only name is The Tick, his purpose is to protect and serve, and his sanity…is highly questionable.

The Tick is from the tv show The Tick and is the property of Fox and Ben Edlund (mostly Ben Edlund because Fox likes to drop good shows)He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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battling villians, chinese food, crime fighting, hitting bad guys, robots, rooftops, secret lairs, shiny stuff

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